To request your free listing write to:

Tom Alciere
67 Technology Way
Nashua NH 03060

Of course, be sure to provide the URL of your website and the categories in which you wish to be listed. If you buy or sell discount postage or kiloware, a link on the home page saying “discount postage” or “kiloware” should be easy to spot.

Remember that websites are unlike buildings, where the visitor arrives in the lobby, sees the directory, takes the elevator and finds the suite. Nay, websites are found through search engines, which often send the visitor in through the seventh floor window, bypassing the lobby. That is, they bypass the home page and all the informational pages; so there should be information on the landing page, at least to navigate the site.

No website? This is a directory of websites. See

For a premium listing, above the standard listings and in <big></big> tags, with up to ten words of text, add the following link to your home page. Copy the image and link it to


If you are a non-profit seeking donations of kiloware or discount postage, or both, your home page should contain a link saying “Giving” or the like, the landing page for that link should have prominent links for “Giving used stamps” or “Giving postage” or both. This is for clarity and easy website navigation.

A religious organization should specify in its request, its faith, religious denomination, and sect information for classification of the listing on our website, (even if you feel the organization’s name reveals this) for the benefit of religious persons who want to donate something to their own sect. Be as precise as you get.

Your website should say what you want. In the U.S.A., maybe donors will save you labor by breaking the stamps down into 47-cent combinations, such as a strip of three 13-cent stamps and a pair of 4-cent stamps. If you’re in another country, you may request donations of your country’s stamps.

Your website should promise to use up the stamps on your outgoing mail. Once you have enough postage to last a year, update your website to reflect the fact that you need money, not stamps.

Use a sponge for gummed stamps, because you don’t know where they have been.

We will not provide listings for organizations that promote murdering babies.

To protest police brutality and the War on Drugs, we will not list organizations sponsored by cops. Organizations wanting to help stop drug abuse through peaceful means are absolutely welcome, but those that promote the use of law enforcement as a weapon by which to intimidate people into abstaining will not be listed.